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Obsessed Turkey Combo


Obsessed Turkey Hunting Combo includes:

  • T-1 Dead Head© Diaphragm: Built with a custom half-moon cut .005 red latex reed over a thin .004 yellow latex reed this call produces great soft hen talk that’s essential to bring them in close
  • T-2 Dead Head© Diaphragm: With a spur & half moon style cut, the T-2 call produces raspy turkey talk and is great call for locating with load cutting sounds
  • Whisper Pot© Friction Call: The Whisper Pot© is a perfect tool for your needs in the field with the the abilities to make all the sounds of a fired up hen.  
  • Obsessed Hunting Spring Turkey DVD 2 -The newest release from Broken Cabin Productions! This DVD follows the Obsessed as they hunt down toms of the West and Midwest.
Key Features:
  • 3-call set produces wide range of turkey vocalizations
  • DVD for learning and experiencing turkey hunting
  • Professional proven performance


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